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Chip Williams, Realtor Emeritus
Associate Broker
CRB, ABR, GRI, e Pro

Client Testimonials

To Whom it may concern:

Back in 1998, my wife Kathy and I were living in Dallas, Texas and preparing to retire and relocate to the Northeast. We are both New Yorkers but decided to take a look at Bucks County as a potential spot to live. We looked at the internet for guidance and found the website of Chip Williams, a partner of Mitchell Williams Real Estate. It was well done and presented some interesting prospects, so we made contact with his group, made and appointment and came to see Bucks County in Person. Chip's real estate agency was superb and very professional. Bucks County was a blank slate for us and he filled it in. He found us a property in Tinicum which was challenging - an abandoned camp with several buildings, one of which was a stone barn, circa 1800. Chip provided the vision for what we eventually did, namely renovation and transformation of this stone barn into a home. Chip provided everything we needed as long distance buyers and put us in touch with the necessary contacts. We moved to Bucks and over a five year period completed the project. None of this could have been accomplished without the assistance and vision of Chip Williams. Our property became a showplace and is considered an asset to the beauty of the Tinicum community. Thank you Chip.

When we chose to sell some 22 years later we called Chip and he once again sprung into action and completed the transition with the same professional expertise as with the acquisition.

Chip Williams is a man of integrity, ethics and great knowledge. If you want a real estate transaction to happen properly and efficiently, Chip Williams should be your choice. So, once again we thank you Chip. You are indeed a great and true friend.

Ed and Kathy Jones

To Whom it may concern,

I have known Chip Williams professionally for over 40 years. During that time he has assisted me with numerous purchases and sales of properties within the Upper Bucks County area of Pennsylvania.

Our family has been in business in Ottsville since 1946. During that time we have had many Realtors approach us for various purposes. However, in my opinion, there is not another person who is as acquainted with the residential market in our area as Chip is. He knows the value of vacant land as well as properties with houses. His knowledge of the market and approach to selling is exceptional.

I strongly urge anyone wanting to purchase or sell a property within the Central and Upper Bucks county region, to talk to Chip. He will provide you with a realistic value as well as the best approach to do so in the present-day market. You would be hard pressed to find anyone who will work as hard for you as Chip will


Vernon Wehrung

To whom it may concern,

When my wife Kris and I decided to explore Riegelsville and Tinicum as a place to live after 30 years in NYC, we checked around and found the broker most buyers relied upon who was familiar with the area, was Chip. Plus the fact, all spoke highly of his integrity and patience, which in my case was a necessity, because I had no idea what we wanted to purchase. Chip took us around to see several houses until we found a renovated barn that struck our fancy due to its uniqueness.

He never tried to push us to buy, which low key approach was appreciated. He was instrumental in helping us with due diligence, which made the process painless including the closing. We were happy buyers thanks to Chip. Unfortunately, due to carelessness on the part of our contractor, the plce caught fire and after almost two years of additional renovation, the barn was completely destroyed beyond repair. My wife and I were devastated. After some time to emotionally recover, we went back to Chip for help to find a new home.

We looked and looked, until Chip found the wonderful stone farm house we now live in and have for the past twenty years. Its in Tinicum Township. Through it all, Chip remained our pillar of strength. We can honestly say, he changed our lives for the better, which we are deeply indebted. He is one of a kind, who knows the area, like the back of his hand from the main roads to quaint ones, from new houses to old ones.

We found in our long search for a home, which included other places like the Hamptons and Westport, that residential brokers for the most part were spouses looking to make a quick buck and new very little beyond what the brochure said. Chip on the other hand was and is a seasoned professional you can place your trust in. You can't go wrong when you have Chip as your Broker. He's the best of the best.


Judge Jerome M. Becker




This letter serves as my very high recommendation of Real Estate Agent Chip Williams. He assisted my wife and me with the purchase of our second in Bucks County, Pa. I have worked with many real estate agents over the years and can say with confidence that Chip is the best agent we ever used - by far.

Chip has the qualities that make him an extremely successful and effective agent. I can't say enough about his professionalism and knowledge of the market. He has high integrity and is very conscientious and tenacious, always keeping the client's best interests in mind. He did a great job of listening to our needs and did not waste time showing properties that did not meet our wishes. He is extremely responsive to questions, often responding immediately to our late night emails. Our transaction went very smoothly and we closed on time. The most amazing thing about him is that after we closed, Chip would still stop by the house unprompted to check on it because he knew it was our second home and we weren't there all the time.

We have the highest level of confidence in Chip. In future transactions, I will only have Chip represent me. If you have any questions, I would be happy to speak with prospective clients to provide feedback on our very positive experience. Feel free to contact me at:

[email protected]


Michael Sherman

The best known, most respected and most experienced real estate agent in Bucks County is Chip Williams. Chip has decades of experience in Bucks, and founded (and later sold) two of the largest real estate agencies in Bucks. His keen knowledge of real estate is only equaled by his lovely personality - he loves people and meeting new people and makes what can be a stressful experience actually enjoyable.

Twenty years ago, Chip was our agent when we came out from NYC and were looking for a second home. We currently are looking for a larger home in Bucks, We did not even think of speaking with anyone other than Chip. Nor should anyone else.

Every real estate broker wants to sell property to you. Few will tell you not to buy a property. Twenty years ago, we were very interested in bidding on a home in Hunterdon County. Although there was nothing disclosed by the seller, Chip told us that there was a Superfund site a half-mile away; expressed his concern about the safety of the well water for us and our then-infant daughter; and suggested we look elsewhere. A few weeks later, Chip showed us a home in Bucks, and we purchased it.

Whether representing a buyer, or seller, Ship is the best. Chip is intimately familiar with all of the properties for sale, and in many instances had been the broker for prior purchases or sales.

Chip provides a seller with relevant information about the current market, the appropriate price and suggests minor improvements that could make the home more appealing, and improve its market value.

Chip provides a buyer with background and all relevant information regarding: history of the property and its owners, how long it has been for sale (and often, why); the neighborhood; the real estate taxes (and whether they could be lowered through an appeal); whether the property can be subdivided or developed; whether the land could be perc'd; the existence or availability of conservation easements; whether Act 319 tax relief (for forest or farmland) might be available; a reasonable price to bid: and a likely price for which the property will sell.

Whether you want the most experienced, knowledgeable, and hones broker in Bucks County or if you want to work with a broker who is a genuinely decent, kind and amicable person, Chip is the only Choice


Dr. Leslie Hall

Dan J. Schulman, Esq.

To Whom it may concern,

This letter is written to recognize and recommend the outstanding service, professionalism, and most importantly, the expertise of Chip Williams as a real estate professional. From my experience with Chip, he has demonstrated excellent customer focus and service, excellent market knowledge of Bucks County, and an amazing work ethic. He provided me with personal attention and service that exceeded my expectations, and he worked tirelessly with me to find the location that met my needs. He was always available to talk with me, e-mail me and/or text messages with me regarding anything related to my search.

Chip has earned my highest recommendation as a Realtor. I recommend him without reservation as your real estate professional.


Gail Heloski

To whom it may concern,

The letter was created to share our experience with Chip Williams as our real estate agent.

His service was outstanding. His professionalism was outstanding. His knowledge about housing and our area was an excellent source for us. We cannot say enough about how professional and personable Chip is. The personal attention he gave my sister and I was nothing less than perfect. He was always a phone call or e-mail away and personally responded right away. He is someone that can be honest and trusted.

We will not use anyone else if we ever need another Realtor. We highly recommend Chip.


Diane Kallenbach

Patricia Schulmann

Talented, knowledgeable, respected by old timers and those new to the area describes Chip. A 100%er is someone who is there for you 100 times out of every 100 opportunities. Notice how this contrasts to a 99%er. The 99%er will only fail you once out of 100 times, but you don't know which of the times it will happen. This forces you to be wary during each of the 100.

With a 100%er you never have to worry. With a 99%er you always have to be careful.

Chip is a 100%er, completely trustworthy and always helpful. He is my kind of guy.

Ed Henry